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Accommodation which becomes hospitality!

Although it is situated in the heart of a tourist destination where you can find everything, even beyond what you can imagine, Mykonos AZURE has managed to stand out among the multiple accommodation suggestions, mainly because it combines an authentic with a modern character.

The “secret” which has made us stand out, from the first moment, among other options, lies in this harmonious “marriage” of values of yesterday to comfort of today. Traditional hospitality, true people and genuine natural beauty are masterfully combined with modern comfort and advanced service, creating a perfectly functional accommodation environment that stirs up intense feelings and revitalizes your senses.

Each of our 7 rooms is individual, well-equipped and has an integrated infrastructure, features which make it a self-contained tourist facility capable of meeting every need of yours, whether you are looking for an adventure base or a modern retreat to lose yourself in the tranquility of the landscape.

At Mykonos AZURE, natural beauty comes first. All the rooms are bathed in the light and blue colors of Mykonos, with spacious verandas offering unobstructed view. That is why our rooms are designed according to minimalist aesthetics, so that the visitor can fully experience this unique Aegean color, without being distracted by unnecessary decorative clatter.

Fully equipped and functional, the rooms of Mykonos AZURE await you to “initiate” you into a new holiday philosophy: this natural simplicity that helps us to discover the essence of life and to enjoy every moment just with little light and the company we love!

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