A first acquaintance...

Mykonos AZURE is a family business, which throughout its years of operation aspires to be the alternative accommodation option in Mykonos.

Built with passion and love and completely renovated in 2018, our hotel consists of modern facilities with a fully functional infrastructure, at the most privileged spot of Mykonos: the idyllic Agios Lazaros, just 400 meters from the famous Psarou beach. The location of our hotel ensures panoramic view of all rooms, being, in effect, the “balcony” to the beach which is the most popular spot of the high society life of our island.

Nonetheless, within reach from where the pulse of the Mykonian entertainment “beats”, the location of the hotel offers the visitor the opportunity to isolate himself/herself if and when he/she wishes so, in a peaceful environment which is “lost” in the vastness of the Aegean Sea.

Our facilities now consists of 7 ultramodern, self-contained apartments, each of which has its own large veranda, which actually serves as a complementary accommodation space to relax and have fun. Here you will enjoy the colors of the most high society beach of the Aegean Sea and you will feel very satisfied with this unique blue that unites the sky with the sea, clearing the mind of any “gray” thoughts.

Whether you are looking for romance and adventure, or family relaxation, Mykonos AZURE has the infrastructure to over-fulfill your expectations, contributing so that your holidays in Mykonos become an unrepeatable travel experience!