How to reach our facilities...

Although located at one of the quietest places on the island, access to Mykonos AZURE is smooth and fast. The only prerequisite is a means of transport, as at the area of Agios Lazaros, for the time being, there is no public transport.

If you are traveling from afar or you do not have your own means of transportation during your visit to the island, you can easily rent the vehicle of your choice by visiting one of the many relevant business of the island. Visitors outside the European Union must have an international driving license, otherwise it is not possible to rent a vehicle.

It is good to know that the road that leads to our facilities is quite busy, although relatively narrow. However, if you follow our instructions, you will not have difficulty reaching our hotel quickly and safely. You can be sure that when you arrive here the view and the other-worldly peacefulness will “compensate” you!

In any case, Mykonos AZURE team will be by your side, before and during your visit, to arrange your transfer to and from the port or airport, and give you useful tips for renting a vehicle, even a boat if you would like so.

By land by sea, all roads lead to Mykonos AZURE! We are awaiting you!



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D 8813

D 8778